China News

I’m often asked how long it takes me to write my daily China Bites, what inspires me to come up with new ideas every day and how far in advance I line them up. Up until this year, I usually wrote them a day or two in advance, lining up several topics in a row and allowing them to drip out each day without ever feeling the need to go back and update them.

These days, with the news changing on literally an hour by hour basis, and the noise reaching deafening levels, I find myself bashing them out the night before for fear of being out of date by the time they come out at 8am the next morning! That in itself is an interesting insight about the fluidity of China News, and an example of how much has changed as a result of this Covid crisis.

Perhaps everyone has more time to consume the news than they used to, or the media are having to fight for survival by turning up the volume, but it seems that China is a red hot topic right now. Judging from some of the comments I’ve received recently, and the high engagement amongst our readers, there’s never been a better time to write about China, whatever your views. It wasn’t like this 10 years ago!

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